Directions To Build A Wind Generator In 5 Simple Steps

Wind power is the results of changing the wind into a much more handy form, such as electricity.  A wind turbine is usually used for this.  Wind power is great for areas that have average wind speeds of bigger than 10 mph.  You get free electricity.  

Materials you will need:

– Treadmill motor

– Plastic 2-liter pop bottles

– A steel cycle frame

– Zip ties

Instructions to build a wind generator:

1.  Find a motor from a treadmill.  You can frequently find one in a skip at terraces near colleges.  Alternative sources of this motor can be free cycle and Craigslist.  Spinning this motor using an external source can create electricity.  

2.  Fuse the motor onto the spindle of a bicycle pedal (the pedal should be removed) .This involves scaffolding to be built for alignment.  Mount the motor housing by fusing a pipe to bridge the area starting at the frame on the way to the motor housing, ensuring that the motor is resolutely in position.  The housing shouldn’t spin while the axle of the motor does.  

3.  Construct the blades by zip-tying plastic from the pop bottles at an angle between the spokes for the wind to make the wheel whisk.  The pop bottle plastic is detached by winding a 2-inch strip from the bottle in an arching path that allows a long strip to be cut.  The zip ties should be linked thru holes in the plastic that can be done by using a hole punch.  If there’s still a gap that has got to be filled on the spoke because the plastic is a little too short, continue filling it with another piece of plastic that’s zip tied prepared.  There should be an area of the wheel that is enclosed with these blades that’s 33% of the entire face of the wheel that the wind will push.  

4.  Ensure the blades do not touch anything as they turn.  Also insure that this device is out of reach, particularly by youngsters as the blades could harm them.  Save on space by cutting down the remainder of the bike.  Mount the generator up high.  The generator will make noise, which could frighten away animals, but might also annoy your neighbors (only you can decide if that’s bad or good).  

5.  Place the generator on the highest place possible .  Place the wires starting at the generator towards the preferred site for power.  Don’t charge batteries on this because they might not get charged and run the motor instead.  Ask an electrician if you need to recharge batteries with the generator.  

By following these instructions to build a wind generator, you’ll find that making your own home wind generator is fun and straightforward.

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