GEO-THERMAL is green and saves you green!

Geo-Thermal heating and cooling is the rising star in home comfort these days. Most people don’t think of the old furnace in the basement until it fails. Today, people are looking for ways to reduce their cost. Hence the bright star affixed to the Geo-Thermal heating and cooling system, a low-impact environmentally friendly solution.

I learned of the technology from one of the oldest Geo-Thermal contractors serving Nebraska and Iowa, Getzschman Heating, LLC. They have been installing the Geo-Thermal systems since 1960. One of the Options(23)’>first to take on the line, they have become established in the industry as experts and are looked up to within the industry as a leader in Geo-Thermal services.

This technology is something you really don’t want to take for granted, so a qualified contractor is essential in selecting and installing these systems. On average, a fully installed system will run more or less two and half times the cost of a standard furnace and air conditioning replacement. Before you dismiss the idea of the Geo-Thermal concept, understand the numbers first. And let’s not forget the fact that this is an Eco-Friendly way to heat and cool your home.

Before we break down the cost issues, I would like to focus on the comfort issue. Because this system has a varying blower motor, it automatically adjusts the volume air volume that it pushes through with(p) the ductwork which reduces drafts and the “wind affect” that is sometimes associated with a forced air system. When you can stand in a home heated by Geo-Thermal you do not feel the chill down affect from too much air circulating in the room. Stratification (the separation of warm vs. cool air) is eliminated. Bottom line is you forget your heating and cooling system all together, isn’t that the ultimate objective? We can discuss the improved air quality achieved in a system of this nature at a later date.

Breaking down the cost for this class of system, forces us to separate one cost structure from another. Because the costs are variable based on the system requirements and the complexities of installing the systems, I cannot get specific so I will have to speak in general terms.

The Geo-Thermal system draws from the constant temperature from the ground which does not very more than 8-10 degrees throughout the year. This means that your actual heating or cooling is reduced so significantly that it can deliver up to 60% savings off the standard system.  In my way of thinking that will more than pay for the cost of installing the ground loops that draw the constant temperature from the ground. This becomes a permanent asset to the property because ground loops last fifty years, in many cases far outlasting the homes they are serving.

The balance of the heating and cooling system becomes comparable to the typical replacement in terms of cost. The significant difference is the longevity or lifetime of the equipment itself. The typical equipment lifespan is 12.4 years; the Geo-Thermal equipment has an effective lifespan of 24.2 years. This essentially means over a 25 year period of time, theconventional equipment would have to be replaced twice compared to once for the Geo-Thermal equipment.

When you fuse the Green-Energy credits of 30%, with the savings from your utility bills, Geo-Thermal goes a long way to earning consideration as a viable option for the homeowner looking for a system replacement. One of the things that come to mind is the contractor, someone like Getzschman Heating, LLC. This is really crucial and in my mind the most important aspect of anyone considering a system replacement. You need to have someone that is considerate of your home and appreciates the value of doing work in your home. It is not a commercial environment and certainly not a new construction job. They need to respect the furnishings in your home, clean up after themselves and remain centralized on getting the job done prompt and efficiently.

The rich history that Getzschman Heating, LLC has earned over the last 50 years puts them in them in aunequalled perspective to best qualify the right equipment based on the size of the space they need to heat and cool. If this is not done correctly, you will have a lifetime of misery. Do yourself a favor, research your contractor, shop their reputation not their price and get the right contractor.

In doing this, Geo-Thermal is a cost effective sensible way to heat and cool your home that remains environmentally responsible. Keep in mind, if you’re not planning to stay in the home for 25 years, it will never hurt your home’s prospects on the open market. If you do plan to stay, it could very well be the last time you have think about replacing your heating and cooling system.