How to Waste Less and be Green Every Day

“Green living”  seems to be hot buzz words right now. It appears thata lot of people aretrying to “go green” in different ways – even if it’s justbuying Energy Star appliances,recycling, or making use of re-useable grocery bags at the store.  There are many  nay-sayers around  that just don’t want to spend the time to “go green” and maybe that is because they have the wrong idea about taking care ofthe environment .  Maybe you are one of those nay-sayers who thinkbeing green will take up a lot of your time; I mean going through trash for recyclingmay not be your idea of a Saturday project.  Youmight alsobe concerned that being environmentally conscious is too expensive – at least it seems like a lot of the environmentally safe products for sale cost more than the non-green products.  Take light bulbs for example. The energy efficient bulbs are a littlemore expensive, but they also have many good benefits – they last quite a bit longer than regular bulbs and they are great for the environment. Even if you may not be a dedicated Earth lover, there are still many easy things you can do each day to be environmentally conscious yet not burden your life significantly.;

Here’s some tips on how to “go green” each day  :

  1. Toss out the take-out bag, the brown bag from home , and the doggie bag and bring your food to work in an reuseable food tote.
  2. Whenever you go to the grocery store , bring along a reuseable grocery tote bag instead of utilizing the plastic bags the store provides.  You can even personalize your shopping bag with a custom monogram.
  3. Take your favorite coffee cup with you to Starbucks next time you get a cup of coffee.  You will waste less by not using one of their cups.
  4. Rather than buying an unopened bottle of water, bring your own in a steel container.  
  5. Consider buying a set of utensils to take on your next dinner out. It doesn’t make sense to use a set of plastic utensils for eating and then toss them out. You might even find a fun, colorful set, and purchase a set for every member of the family.
  6. Rather than using disposable paper napkins, consider switching to fabric napkins for meals at your house .  You can easily make napkins from old  fabric scraps or buy a set to use and wash  on your regular laundry day.
  7. Consider purchasing food in local stores whenever possible.  In my town I go to the Farmer’s Market every summer for my fresh produce.  Every time you can buy locally, you are saving resources needed to move and keep the produce fresh.
  8. Launder your clothes in cold water and you will save around 85% of the energy that hot water would usually take to wash a load of clothes.
  9. Before you jump in your automobile to run errands, think about walking to your destination instead.  Think of the exercise you will get and the gas you will save !

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